The Best Moves to Build a Strong Back

When most guys first start hitting the weight room, they often shoot for three things: Chest, arms, and abs. But if you want to build a balanced physique, and a bulletproof, strong body, then you have to start with the muscles you can’t see: Your back muscles.

Why? Because your back is filled with key muscles that clean up your posture, safeguard your shoulders, and make you look just plain jacked, too. From lats to rhomboids, to spinal erectors, a host of key muscle groups lie behind you.

Strengthening them creates a more complete-looking physique, and it also helps you unlock greater overall strength and power. Your potential lies behind you, which is why it’s time to learn to build a strong back.

Why Posterior Chain Strength Is Important
Training your back does a lot more than build muscle. All the muscles on the back side of your body, from your glutes to your lats to your hamstrings and rhomboids, help balance out the muscles on the front side of your body.

For a variety of reasons, you tend to use the muscles on the front side of your body more. You can see your chest and ab muscles, so you can’t be blamed for wanting to train them more. Life also often leads you to use the muscles on the front of your body more: You use your anterior deltoids just a bit every time you extend your arms to type or grab your steering wheel, for example.

To balance out all that work, you need to train your back especially hard — and your body will reap the benefits too. All that back strength will help you brace your entire torso better, and it will even make you better at exercises such as bench presses and shoulder presses.