Mary Kay Place


HD 2021 107m

The Prom

HD 2020 130m


HD 2019 96m


HD 2017 135m

Youth in Oregon

N/A 2017 105m

The Hollars

N/A 2016 88m

The Intern

HD 2015 121m

Miss Meadows

N/A 2014 88m

Bad Milo

HD 2013 85m


N/A 2012 85m

The New Normal

HD SS 1 EPS 22

City of Ember

N/A 2008 90m

Mama's Boy

HD 2007 93m

Big Love

HD SS 5 EPS 10

Silver City

HD 2004 128m

Latter Days

N/A 2003 108m

Human Nature

SD 2001 96m


HD 2000 98m

The Rainmaker

N/A 1997 135m

Captain Ron

HD 1992 100m

A New Life

HD 1988 104m

Smooth Talk

N/A 1985 92m


N/A 1985 109m

The Big Chill

HD 1983 105m

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